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Packard Bell Repair


I am hoping to get a little bit of help with a Packard Bell iMedia 9166. This device has suffered a hard drive failure, and all of the data from the past 12 months of my business is on that file. There is no clicking, and no whining noise, but the hard drive just won’t turn round. I have tried to install a new hard drive and run the old one off of the enclosure, but I want to be able to recover the drive first and foremost. I can use another computer to read the data if I can only get the hard drive working again. I don’t know what else I can try to recover the information from the hard drive. I need this data in order to make a tax submission for this year, so it is very important that I recover the files soon. I should have backed up, I know, but I haven’t and so I need the data from the hard drive.


I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme which is reporting an error message when I start up the computer. I had just changed the screen from the standard Windows message to an alternative screen, supplied by Windows. I turned the computer off after this, and there were no problems, but when I come to turn it on, something has gone wrong. When I turn it on, I can see the Packard Bell Welcome screen, and then it moves onto the next page. However, instead of the BIOS screen, I see an error message saying Reboot or Insert Boot Media. I try to choose one of these options, but the message ends up repeating right down the page, until I turn it off. Now, I have not installed that as the background screen, and I haven’t added any other hardware or software for an age. What I do have on the hard drive is lots and lots of technical data which is used by my research company. I want to be able to recover this data, and don’t want to risk losing it by doing a poor data recovery myself.

Packard Bell Repair

Packard Bell have been producing both desktop computers and laptop computers for a number of years and in that time – although their products are highly respected and world renowned – they have had problems with hard drive failures.

The most common model to suffer from hard drive problems is the I Media J211.

For reasons unbeknownst to many this particular model – although others can suffer from it too – seems to suffer from an inability to keep the printed circuit board attached to its hard drive, a problem caused by overheating.

This overheating seems to be done to a problem with the onboard fan, which is designed to keep both the motherboard and the CPU cool whilst the computer is in operation. And regardless of whether the computer is fitted with an IDE or SATA drive the problem still arises.

There have been suggestions that using your Packard Bell for overlong periods may cause problems but one might think that this defeats the point of having a computer. After all if you are working in an office or working from home you do not have the luxury of being able to switch your computer off for lengthy periods of time to allow it to cool down.

As with many computers today many of them have hard drives manufactured by other companies so again the problem may occur that the drive inserted may be of a less than suitable quality but this is something that cannot be predicted when you buy the computer.

In some instances third party hard drives are prone to overheating and loss of epoxy resin that renders the firmware chip unable to talk to either the hard drive or the BIOS which in turn tells the computer that no hard drive is installed.

Herein lies the biggest problem to be encountered because once there has been a breakdown in communication between the two especially as a result of a hardware error it is very difficult – if not virtually impossible – to repair it.

We would suggest that you do not continue to try rebooting the machine if a hard drive failure occurs as this only increases the likelihood of the disk becoming so damaged the information stored on it cannot be recovered.

We recommend you contact us here at www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk where, with over a decade’s worth of experience behind us, we can recover your data with the minimal amount of fuss and disruption to you and your computing needs.