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Common PC Problems

PC hard drive failures often occur without warning. However you may be given some warning and if so it is best to obey these warnings and take steps to save your data from complete loss where you can. The aptly named ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) acts as a good indicator that something is not right. If you see this and your machine reboots then there is a problem and switching the PC off is your best option. Clicking or grinding sounds often indicate that something is not right although many people would rather consider this noise to be a loose heat sink and carry on. If your heat sink is malfunctioning the computer’s CPU will overheat and the machine will switch off as the temperature within the BIOS is set to a specific maximum. Even before your HDD’s failure you will notice a lower performance level. A common symptom being the cursor on the screen stalling, and then suddenly flitting from one place to another. If you are aware of any of these symptoms contact us immediately to increase the chances of securing your data.

Read/Write Issues With Your PC:

The actuator arm is a piece of intricate hardware that is integral when it comes to making your hard drive work. The arm passes quickly across the platters of the hard drive in the region of fifty times a second and allows for the saving and reading of data. Should this device fail then you will be unable to save or read any of the data on your hard drive. One clear sign that the actuator has failed is a loud clicking that signifies it is knocking against the platters rather than passing over them. Shut down your computer immediately to reduce the degradation of the platter’s glass surface and contact us at Brighton Data Recovery for help and advice.

PC Firmware Problems:

Your computer’s motherboard and hard drive both have on-board Firmware which tells them what to do and how to react and operate in conjunction with other components. If this small but important program corrupts or becomes obsolete you could find that you are unable to write to or read from your hard drive. If possible visit the manufacturer’s website for a update to the Firmware but you should exercise caution as sometimes a Firmware update can cause further issues by not recognising older components attached to your hard drive.

PC Software Changes Influencing A Crash:

There are times when the installation of a new operating system may prove necessary. You may want to upgrade to the latest version but in doing so problems can develop. You could find that by upgrading your operating system the hard drive does not function to its fullest. If this proves to be the case then the hard drive itself may become prone to errors which the operating system has not picked up on such as bad sectors. During the installation of a new operating system a new boot sector will be created however if the disk is flawed there is a chance the new boot sector may be created atop bad or unreadable sectors making booting up difficult further down the line.

My PC Hasn’t Worked Right Since It Crashed:

PCs that freeze are almost certainly suffering from problems with the hard drive such as bad sectors, misaligned heads or spindles, or platters that are no longer in correct symmetry. Many users believe that performing a disk utility check with third party software will resolve the problem. Sadly this is not the case as computers that are prone to crashing, hanging or ‘freezing’ are displaying the symptoms of a hard drive suffering from degradation. It is likely that sooner or later the drive will fail and it is best to safeguard yourself by saving your information to another medium if you can. If not then Brighton Data Recovery can help.

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