External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

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Mechanical Fault £299

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Critical Service £795

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Why Do Some External Hard Drives Suddenly Fail:

External HDDs are the same as internal drives with two major differences – they are transportable and by their very nature are designed to be used on more than one machine. These two reasons, although beneficial in many regards, are often the reasons as to why the drives fail. With constant moving from one place to another comes the danger that knocks and bump can damage the heads, spindles and platters and even simply knocking an external HDD from its stand whilst sitting on a table is enough to damage it if it is in use and spinning.

Physical Failure To Your External Hard Drive:

At Brighton Data Recovery we are regularly asked to help recover data from external HDDs that have developed physical faults. Above we listed some of the reasons why this can be but let us expand here. The delicate components within an external HDD (just like an internal drive) are very much prone to damage if mistreated. A good example of this would be the actuator arm that moves back and forth reading and writing the data to the platters. This arm (although it sounds big) is thinner than a human hair and once broken or damaged cannot be repaired in any conventional sense.

The Accidental Loss Of Your Data:

When data is lost it is lost in the sense that you, the user, can no longer access it. The data may still be accessible to us here at Brighton Data Recovery using our up-to-the-minute technology and wealth of experience. It is amazing in this day and age that there is no sure fire way of stopping the accidental deletion of data but there is not and once the data has been deleted or formatted over it can be very difficult to retrieve. We heartily recommend against the use of third party software recovery programs as they cannot guarantee a full recovery and sometimes request an additional format of the disk take place which makes it virtually impossible to recover the data fully. If you have suffered the accidental loss of your data disconnect the external HDD and contact us here at Brighton Data Recovery.

External Hard Drives And Power Supply Issues:

Just like an internal hard disk drive an external HDD is prone to suffering faults as the result of a power surge. Many people do not use power surge protectors although it is thoroughly recommended that they do. It would seem to be a case of ‘It won’t happen to me’ and when it does you are left with an external drive that is unresponsive and will not allow for the copying or accessing of data. All is not lost however as we here at Brighton Data Recovery are able to recover the data from external HDDs if they have suffered a malfunction because of a sudden surge of electricity.

Firmware Issues That Can Render Your External Hard Drive Inoperable:

You might not think it but Firmware is as important as any operating system. Indeed when you consider it Firmware is a sort of operating system in itself. It sends information to the computer from the drive and back again, telling both devices how to function in tandem with each other. And any malfunction, corruption or lack of Firmware can make this a difficult proposition. Many manufacturers only ever produce one Firmware program and do not take into consideration changes in the operating system you use or changes to your computer in terms of motherboard replacements etc. If your external hard drive has failed it might be as the result of corrupt or out-of-date Firmware and at Brighton Data Recovery we are often asked to recover data from drives that no longer have functioning Firmware.

Suddenly System Crashes And How They Affect Your External Hard Drive:

For the last 15+ years we at Brighton Data Recovery have been helping people just like you recover data from external storage devices that have failed because of issues when they have been connected to a computer. The reasons for this inability to recognise the external HDD are many but when it comes down to it one fact still remains – your data is no longer at your fingertips. Sometimes trying to use an external HDD on a variety of computers can make the problem worse so we suggest contacting us if your external HDD is causing your computer to crash or your computer is failing to read your external hard drive.

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