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Problems With Your Laptop’s Hard Drive:

Being portable, one of the most common reasons for a laptop hard drive failure is a knock, collision or being accidentally dropped. It is something that we would all say we would never do but unfortunately accidents do happen. In addition to this laptop hard drives also suffer from software issues caused by the firmware that comes preloaded. The Firmware is designed to communicate with other devices attached to the hard drive such as the motherboard. If a problem should arise with your laptop hard drive and you cannot recover your data we at Brighton Data Recovery can help.

Laptop Hard Drive Physical Malfunctions:

Have you ever heard a laptop make a strange grating sound or loud noise? If the answer is yes then you will know that these sounds can spell the impending hard drive failure inside a laptop. These sounds are normally the precursor to a hard drive failure as the result of cylinder head or platter issues. These issues are usually caused by over use, or because the machine has been dropped or knocked. The platters onto which the data is stored are only a fraction of a millimetre thick and are prone to damage if force is applied to them. Damaged platters may leave you with a drive you are unable to use so contacting us here at Brighton Data Recovery would be advisable.

Laptop Hard Drive PCB Failure:

Just like your laptop’s motherboard and on-board graphics card a laptop HDD is fitted with a printed circuit board (PCB) which allows for the storage of a small program known as firmware. Firmware is a small program that instructs the hard drive as to how to react to commands sent to it via the motherboard and processor. A faulty firmware program can cause the hard drive to behave in often erratic ways; more often than not causing it to crash, misread sectors and generally causing it to fail.

Your Laptop Hard Drive And Problems With Firmware:

Firmware is a software program that communicates between the computer and the hard disk drive. Firmware is typically located on disk platters or the printed circuit board (PCB), and if the platters become damaged or corrupted, then hard disk drive will experience a failure. This type of failure occurs even when the other components of the hard drive are in perfect working order. We have a high success rate when it comes to recovering data from HDDs that have suffered from corrupted firmware.

Damage To The Hard Drive Caused By System Crashes:

This particular type of failure usually indicates the laptop hard drive is in the process of degrading. More often than not the sectors on the disk are becoming corrupt, unreadable and cannot be written to. It may also allude to the fact that bad sectors on the hard drive are not being allocated correctly and an attempt is being made by the system to use them. This kind of failure leaves the client unable to copy data to and from the drive. Files and folders may also appear and disappear from view.

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