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Gateway PC Repair


I have a computer called the Gateway E-2000 which is missing the display adaptors. I have had to reinstall the operating system on the Gateway for a number of reasons, and since that time I have not been able to find those drivers. I can’t find the video card, which I have been using for a long time, although the screen is still showing the OS, so the card must be there. I also can’t find other drivers which I use to allow me to work on graphics as part of my job. Without the drivers, I can’t use the software that I need to complete projects, and I also can’t find some of the files which contain previously created graphics. I want to be able to recover this data quickly so that I can place it onto a new computer, at least while this one is having graphics problems.


I need help with a Gateway GT 5404 which is not booting up into Windows. I can’t get into the XP setup because the computer won’t boot. I am in urgent need of some help with recovering the data behind the OS, as it is vital that I display these files at a conference at the end of the month. The problem is that I can start up the computer, and after booting the desktop will appear on the monitor. Everything looks great, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the setup. However, as soon as I try to do anything in the Windows screen, it fails. There is no message when it fails in the normal route, but when I try to go into Last Known Good, I can see a message saying that Windows\System32\Config\system is corrupt. I wanted to try and get into the OS using Safe Mode, but again it is completely frozen as soon as I get into the desktop. BIOS is fine, but it won’t access the OS, so I can’t get into the system at all. I do have the recovery disks, but I want to save the data on the drive, which is really important.

Gateway PC Repair

Gateway Windows-based PCs are a make of desktop Personal Computer that are not without their own fair share of problems when it comes to their use of hard disk drives.

As with all Windows-based personal computers they can, if the hard drive contained in them is not perhaps of a more sturdy quality, react badly to overuse or overheating.

One of the most commonly reported problems with Gateway PCs – the Gateway DX4850 being a prime example – is that they simply will not boot beyond the splash screen when you switch the machine on.

This means that as the user you may spend a lot of time looking at a black screen with a lot of error messages and requests to press a variety of function keys in an attempt to have the drive perform some kind of task even if it is only booting up to what looks like the old fashioned MS-DOS prompt.

As Gateway PC hard drives are manufactured by a variety of other companies the problems they encounter can be similar to those you may have encountered if you have used another PC as some time. A common fault here being the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) coming lose due to faulty resin or a poor covering of magnetic shielding which wears off more quickly than it should leaving the platters exposed to wear and tear.

HP hard drives are a popular component within the Gateway PCs so the hard drives in your Gateway computer may exhibit similar signs of failure in the same way as a Hewlett Packard machine.

Checking the BIOS will often prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a hard drive problem – the BIOS will not detect any hard drive if there is a physical problem with it. And regardless of tips and hints you may be given by others keen to help it is important that you do not try and reformat or reinstall from your existing copy of Windows. Doing this will only result in the loss of all data but will not solve the problem. It may allow you to restart the computer as though it were reset to the factory assembly stage but the hard drive problem will simply reoccur, moving any bad sectors from one place to another, and creating further bad sectors along the way.

To this end you should contact www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk who can help; with 14 years of experience under our belt dealing with this kind of problem we can help you make an informed choice as to how best to proceed and also help you retrieve your data.