RAID 5 Rebuild

RAID 5 fault tolerance is the process by which RAID devices can overcome issues with drive problems and continue working. However there are times when a device fails within a RAID setup that causes problems for the RAID array to keep up with its ability to continue dealing with fault tolerances.

To explain it simply, fault tolerances work well when all 5 hard drives within a RAID array are working to their best. If a problem occurs and one of the RAID drives fails then the fault tolerance level will drop, making for problems with the mirroring process and the saving of information as reliably as before. In addition to this there may also be the issue of how the RAID array is rebuilt after the problematic drive has been replaced.

Brighton Data Recovery offer our customers the opportunity to recover data from problematic RAID drives whilst our engineers can offer on-site assistance (if necessary) when it comes to rebuilding a RAID array after a drive has been replaced. But why replace a drive?

A drive may fail if it has a mechanical defect and this often the case if the array has been left running constantly for long periods of time (which in fact most RAID arrays are). Components within the drive may either have been faulty to begin with (or below par) or they may have been of a standard that has equated to an earlier than expected demise.

Usually a RAID 5 array will continue to function if one drive has failed but the issue then becomes one of how up-to-date is the information that has been saved whilst the drive that has failed has been out of commission. While many members of staff have been using the server there may have been gaps in the information saved or indeed data saved to the faulty drive may not have been accessible in order to mirror it across the other drives.

If your RAID 5 setup has developed a fault because of a malfunctioning drive then we at Brighton Data Recovery can offer you help and advice as well as the premier data recovery service in Brighton. With over 15 years’ experience in the field of RAID array recovery and rebuilds, our engineers are well versed with the problems that can arise and the requirements to fix them.

Call us today on 01273 957710 and speak to a member of our engineering team about your RAID issues. Not only will we be able to diagnose the problem for you over the telephone but we will also be able to provide you with a no obligation quote (an additional charge may apply if there is mechanical damage to the drive). We may also be able to arrange an engineer to be on-site during the rebuilding of the RAID array to ensure everything goes smoothly; taking into account that sometimes RAID rebuilds fail if new drives are installed and conflict with existing hardware and controller cards.