Isle of Wight Data Recovery

Data Recovery Isle of Wight: Do you know your SCSIs from your IDEs? Your iSCSI from your ATA or SATA? Our engineers do and have spent the last decade and a half perfecting their own bespoke recovery methods that allow for the recovery of data from a wide range of storage devices including some that have been written off as ‘unrecoverable’ by their own manufacturers. For more information on how we can recover your data and restore it to a new medium quickly and at a price that won’t leave you cold, call us today on 01273 964902.

It’s amazing how many computer users out there are using older hard drives in computers that are running operating systems that are no longer being supported by their manufacturers. Our data recovery Isle of Wight engineers are often called upon to help recover the data from old hard drives that are simply no longer fit for purpose because general wear and tear has caught up with them.

Some of the users that approach our data recovery Isle of Wight engineers for help have been using the same computer since they first took possession of it and have been lucky enough that the hard drive inside it has remained in good condition. However over the years these drives become susceptible to wear and tear and issues with components that simply cannot cope with the usage anymore. Some simply cease to function whilst others give some warning in the form of an audible grating sound (reminiscent of metal against metal) but ultimately without the proper care and attention to making a backup the data can be rendered inaccessible.

We always stress the importance of giving your computer some ‘downtime’ – this simply means that if you are not using it and are not planning to use it for a while that it should be switched off; powered down in the correct manner. Our hard disk drive recovery service has been called into play many times to recover data from a hard drive that has been left to continually spin even after the user has left the building.

Suddenly the computer froze without warning

Our data recovery Isle of Wight engineers have heard the above refrained many times and are then asked if we can help recover the data that is no longer visible or accessible because the drive has failed. It is testament to our engineers and their experience and professionalism that every year we recover the data from thousands of different storage devices and do so with the highest rate of recover you will find possible on the Isle of Wight.

If your hard drive has failed without any warning call us today on 01273 964902 and speak to a member of our team about how our data recovery Isle of Wight engineers can help retrieve your data and return you to work quickly and with a cost that won’t leave your bank account bare. (Our quotation may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage but our engineers will talk you through this). If you want us to continue with the recovery process we will need to have physical possession of the affected drive so we ask that you send it to us at our data recovery centre which you can do using the postal service, courier or indeed if you are nearby you can drop it in personally.

On receipt of the drive our data recovery Isle of Wight engineers will make a full and final diagnosis of the problem and contact you via email which will contain a detailed list of all the data that can be successfully recovered (if the data exceeds 30GBs volume we will ask you to purchase an external storage device from our stocks). Once you are happy that we can recover all of the data you need we ask that you make full payment to us using either credit or debit card or BACS transfer (we do not accept PayPal). On receiving full payment we recover the data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier. To find out more call us today on 01273 964902 and speak to one of our experienced and friendly engineers. Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 6pm and an engineer will be on hand to take your call. Our data recovery centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm also (except Easter and Christmas Day).