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Lenovo PC Repair


I have been using a Lenovo AMD Sempron which has a combination video projector. I need this video display as part of my job, and thought that I would get a computer which could do this video projection, rather than buy two systems. However, I am having trouble with the data which has been saved onto the computer, and which is used in the projection. All of a sudden, when I am using the video projector, the display will suddenly resize itself, sometimes projecting only about a third of the size of the document, but making the letter so large that they are unreadable except maybe from the Space Station. I noticed that the problem with the projection was affecting the data on the drive as well, since that had also expanded the letters while shrinking the document. At first, I thought that it was a problem with the software that I had used to create the document, so I changed that for another. I have since tried other programs, and find that the end result is the same. I now have several dozen deformed and unattractive looking documents


I have a problem with the audio files on my Lenovo ThinkCentre A55. The files don’t seem to be working any more, and I can’t locate the driver in either My Computer, or in the Control Panel. These files were working until recently. and so I can’t understand where the drivers could have gone. However, I did save one of the audio files and used it on another computer, and it is clear that there is something wrong with the audio. The voice was very high, and there was a staccato noise instead of the music in the background. I have a lot of audio and visual files which need to have the sound drivers working, and it seems as though the loss of the driver is also affecting how these files are being saved. I don’t want to lose any more data to this noise, and I need to be able to recover the files which have been damaged by this problem.

Lenovo PC Repair

One of the most common errors reports with Lenovo PCs is that which reports a hard disk initialization error. This error displays itself as number 2100 and more often than not signifies that the hard disk drive is no longer able to sustain itself whilst being used.

This can be for a number of reasons as the error code simply identifies that the hard drive will not work and if you check your BIOS – usually F2 or DEL pressed at startup – you will see that the hard drive is not being detected at all by the computer.

This problem extends to be IDE and SATA drives even though the error code is the same. You should be aware that contacting Lenovo would only find you being told to change the hard drive with the loss of any and all information contained therein.

Also you should be aware that the hard drives produced for Lenovo are produced by Seagate so there are a number of problems associated with Seagate drives that can affect Lenovo drives too.

These include faulty PCBs and weak magnetic covering on the platters that cause faster wear and tear on the hard drive as it spins.

When used in conjunction with a version of Windows you will find yourself the recipient of the so-called ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BOD) that so often accompanies oncoming problems.

It is also worth noting that Lenovo do not provide any firmware updates for their hard drives so any problems encountered cannot be repaired or delayed by the updating of firmware.

You may find a whole host of suggestions on the Internet as to how you may overcome Lenovo hard drive problems but these for the most part involve resetting motherboard configurations etc. which in itself is dangerous as you may end up without a computer altogether as opposed to simply needing to have your data recovered from a faulty hard drive and then replacing it.

If you have problems with a Lenovo PC contact www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk where we can successfully retrieve your information to its fullest without having to replace your entire machine although you should be aware that a hard drive replacement is taken as a given.

With 14 years of experience behind us we are well versed in dealing with such problems and can come to your rescue quickly and cost effectively, ensuring the safe return of your data with the minimum of fuss.