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Compaq PC Repair


I have a Compaq Deskpro which is giving me a lot of trouble. When I try to turn on the system, I am getting a blue screen, and there is the message: Unable to Load System Driver. It then names a specific driver, which is 32driverseb0751.sys. We have critical data on the system that we need recovered.


I have a PC, which is a Compaq Presario, with the number s4020. It was working fine until there was a sudden power cut at my house while I was working on the desktop. A fuse was blown, and so all the electricity to the room I was in went out, and the computer lost all power. I thought that these things had a reserve battery in for just such an occasion, but apparently not. Anyway, I tried to start up the Compaq after I had re-powered the room, and now the machine will not start up at all. I thought it was probably the power cable, and so I changed that for another one which was the same voltage. This still did not work, so I tried to replace a fuse in the back of the system, it certainly looked like a fuse. What happened was that I unplugged it from the connection, and moved it around. There was no blackening so I thought it must be ok. But I am still unable to get any power to the computer.

Compaq PC Repair

Compaq have been producing desktop and laptop computers now for over a decade and in that time have produced models that have stood the test of time when it comes to their life expectancy.

That said however as with all Windows PCs there are a variety of errors that can occur when it comes to hard drives contained in these machines that can occur without warning and sometimes without reason.

For the most part there are a few reoccurring hard drive problems that occur with Compaq Windows PCs that can render the hard drive useless in the eye of the user – be they a home owner or the administrator of an office PC network.

Common problems include faults with the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that pass information about the firmware from the board to the hard drive itself. This information will often include how many revolutions per minute the drive should be carrying out and also the save time when a save request is made through an operating system.

This often happens if the machine has been exposed to long periods of use especially in the workplace. With office machines required to perform labourious tasks over long periods of time it is not surprising that the epoxy holding the PCBs in place can sometimes overhead (depending on year of manufacture) and come lose. There are many who might suggest trying to replace the PCB with one from a similar hard drive but this is a dangerous process that can sometimes lead only to further problems and even further loss of data.

One sure-fire way of knowing for sure if the drive in your Compaq PC has died it a check on the BIOS by pressing F2. If the drive is not listed in the BIOS then it is fairly safe to assume that the drive is no longer functioning correctly. This is often the case if the drive sounds as though it is spinning up but reaches a black screen just prior to Windows booting up. It is also commonplace when the operating system arrives at its logo screen – the Windows and Microsoft logo – and hangs before rebooting.

Be aware also that Compaq computers often use Hewlett Packard drives so problems that afflict Hewlett Packard machines can often afflict Compaq machines too.

Do not try and replace the drive of your own accord, as this will damage it further. There are certain things that need to be done in order to make sure a safe transition when it comes to the retrieval of information so it is best to contact www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk who have 14 years experience when it comes to dealing with the problems associated with Compaq desktop computers and their associate hard drives.