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Apple Mac Pro Repair


I have a problem with a Macbook Air which is suddenly showing a floating black box on the OS desktop screen which is preventing me from accessing data. It is not a problem with the display, since the box moves everywhere with the mouse, and clicks when I try to use the cursor to click an icon. However, it also seems to be making a noise as though it were trying to send a message either to me, or to the drive. I can’t access any of the files because the box is hanging below the drive, and I can’t click on any object as the box lies between the cursor and the icon. I also can’t get a response when I try to use the keyboard to open the files. I don’t know what the problem is, and I don’t know how it has happened, but I am completely unable to get into any of my data files. This is annoying, as I have quite a lot of important information on the drive, and I need to have access to them.


I have a Macbook Air 1 laptop which has gone into hibernation mode, and won’t wake up. The screen has completely shut off, and the laptop emits a repetitive beeping noise, as though the computer were having problems. I have tried rebooting by holding down the power button, to shut the computer down, but as soon as I turn it back on, the beeping continues. There is no code, just continuous beeping. I don’t know how to get the computer out of hibernation mode, and a repair shop wants to take the laptop in for a few days to do a recovery. I have a lot of sensitive information on my drive, relating to clients and to payments. I have to recover that information, not only to protect clients, but also for my own references. I don’t know how to get the data out of the computer while it is in this hibernation mode, but I really want to extract it.


I need some help with an old Powerbook G4 which is stuck in a cycle which means that I am blocked off from using any of the icons or recovering my data. What happens is that, when I go onto the desktop, as soon as I move the cursor onto an icon, a dark cloud-like shadow moves across the screen, and then a box with a number of different languages appears in the middle of the display. The message says that I need to press the Off button for a few seconds, and then restart. I do this, and nothing happens. I have tried to ignore it or delete it, but the laptop simply makes a Beep! noise, and I am not allowed to do anything apart from press the Off button. I have data saved on there from a company conference, which needs to be downloaded as soon as possible.


I require some help with an Apple Mac desktop. At the moment, I am losing data due to a pause happening in the middle of my using a data processing program. I can be typing something onto the data system, and then suddenly everything locks up, and I just have to restart the computer. This means that I have lost data. Yesterday, I had been typing for quite a while, and had written several pages when the computer suddenly froze, and all of the data was wiped. I did save the work before the freeze, so I expected to see it when I opened the files, but there was nothing there. I have lost a considerable amount of work because of this freeze, and unlike other occasions, when I have been able to recover much of what I lost, this time I have absolutely nothing. I am beside myself as this work had already taken several hours, and I have a deadline that I need to stick to. I require urgent recovery to recover this data.

Apple Mac Pro Repair

To many the Apple brand is a brand of sophistication and technical innovation and for the most part this is true; however just with all other makes of computer and laptop the Apple brand can fall victim to problems with its hardware irrespective of how much time and expense has been expelled developing the models under their banner.

The Apple Mac Pro is a series of computers designed by Apple that have been in circulation now since the mid 2000’s.

A problem that is common with Apple Mac Pro systems is that of the hard drive which can develop problems without any warning whatsoever. Although the majority of Apple users would contest that their systems are the best on the market that still does not take away from the fact that problems can occur without any warning at all or even if warning is given, without much chance of doing anything about it.

A common way of spotting said problem with the hard drive is the flashing question mark within a folder icon that is displayed on the Apple’s screen.

This icon indicates that the computer is having difficulty reading the information contained on the hard drive and indeed may well be unable to read any of the information at all. Some of these hard drives do make a noise akin to the squeaking of an un-oiled wheel some users have said, but for the most part the noise is slightly louder than normal and just a bit louder than the sound of the internal fan operating to keep the system cool.

Inevitably there will be people in the office or the home telling you simply to backup your data and hope for the best but this is not the best course of action. Although a problem like this may be intermittent or may simply not happen again for some time, the likelihood is that it will happen again, and it is best to be prepared.

There are several applications available freely on the Internet that claim to be able to help with the repairing of problems such as those described here but it should be known that these programs are free to use only in as much as they will identity a problem – addition assistance must be paid for and there are no guarantees that the problem will be resolved.

In all actuality the likelihood of a third party piece of software being able to rectify your hard drive problems is extremely rare and one should consider calling upon the services of easy recovery in order to help reclaim your data before it is lost forever.

Remember that reporting such problems to the manufacturer will only result in their replacing a faulty drive; they will not concern themselves with the retrieval of your information or lost data.