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Sony Vaio Repair


I am having problems with a Sony VAIO laptop which was accidentally damaged. I was using it in the library, and somehow the plug got caught in someone’s foot, and they tripped and pulled out the power cord on the laptop. We tried to connect it back in, but the laptop will not boot. I can see that one of the pins in the socket is broken, it seems. What happens when I turn the computer on is that there are bright LED lights on the power, the hard drive, and the keyboard. These lights stay on no matter what, but there is nothing appearing on the computer itself, and it will not boot. I tried to replace the socket with another, and had a professional install it.


I have a Sony Vaio PCG616 laptop which is failing to boot into BIOS or Windows. I am getting just a blank screen, although I can hear it working in the background. I have tried several methods of getting the system going again, including removing the battery and doing a hard reset, and even pulling the lock/unlock switch to the other side in order to try and recover the system. Nothing seems to have worked. I can press the power button, and the LED will turn on, along with the caps and num lock, and the scroll lock on the keyboard. These will then turn off, but I can still open and close the DVD trays, and there is power to the flash drive. I have managed to get into BIOS by powering up the DVD button and then pressing eject when the system started. I tried to change the default boot, but this has not solved the problem. I need the hard drive recovered as it contains some pictures and music which are very important to the family.

Sony Vaio Repair

The Vaio is one of a range of laptops produced by Sony and has been available in several different incarnations since 2009.

Among the models in this series is the E series which itself seems to be more prone to hard disk drive problems than any other model in the series; the result of which being that more than any other problem reported to Sony or their resellers has been that caused by failing hard drives.

Of course there is an inherent problem with reporting the problem to the manufacturer or the reseller in that they primarily will only offer you a replacement hard drive and will not concern themselves with the loss of your data – a clause pertaining to this can normally be found in most warranties.

The E series however does have one redeeming feature when it comes to its hard disk drive problems and that is the fact that it seems to be able to predict them using SMART technology. Many may see this as a good thing (and it is) but the downside to the SMART software is that it gives you the option to back up only to the moment the problem has been discovered. You may find that a considerable amount of your data is lost or irretrievable as a result.

Problems can also be detected early on by the flashing of LEDs on the front of the casing on the Vaio. They will stop flashing their traditional blues and greens and become a series of flashing or static amber lights that indicate a hard disk drive error or problem about to occur.

As with a great many hard drive problems if the problem is not dealt with and allowed to continue which can happen if one simply shuts down and restarts the computer, then the time will come when the hard drive will become completely non responsive and simply not spin up. When this happens the E series gives you no alternative but to reformat and perform a recovery at the startup screen (what looks like an old MS-DOS screen).

At this stage there is no chance of recovering your information as it is simply overwritten by the Vaio in an attempt to reconfigure the machine (including its drive) and reinstall the operating system. In effect returning the computer to its factory setting status.

Should you experience any of the issues described here it is advisable to contact www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk who will be able to help you recover the data and information from your Sony Vaio hard drive before all hope of doing so is lost in the reformatting and reinstallation process.