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Asus Laptop Repair


I am using an Asus F3SV laptop which appears to be having overheating issues. What happens is that I can be using it for something minor, such as writing in Word, and all of a sudden it will just turn itself off, and then restart, and I can feel heat coming through the back of the laptop. I have looked at the CPU, and discovered that the temperatures for the CPU are into the 90s. I tried to use a speedfan, but I cannot get info on the revs, all I can see are temperatures. So I decided to open up the back of the laptop, and cleaned the fan. I could not remove the heatsink in order to get at the CPU, and when I turned the laptop back on, I found that I was staring at a blank screen. There have been no error messages, no beeps, nothing except this completely blank screen. I can hear things running underneath the body of the laptop, so I think everything is working. I have data on there that I really need.


I have recently had to redo the updates for my ASUS ZenBook UX32A laptop. Essentially, there was a problem with the partition which meant I had to remove the hard disk and put it into a usb caddy to try and read the data. I say try as the caddy did not recognise the hard disk so I need the data recovered from the hard disk.

Asus Laptop Repair

Asus are an established and well known manufacturer of laptops and Network Attached Storage devices who have been providing home and office users with laptops and more recently tablets around the globe.

Although known for their cost effective equipment Asus laptops are also prone to problems especially when it comes to their hard disk drives. Many of them simply fail with years of use or long periods of over use where it seems the hard drive simply gives up. This problem has been attributed in no small part to a failure of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) that feed information to the hard disk drive from the firmware contained on the boards.

Overheating of the resin that holds the PCBs in place can cause it to come loose thus allowing the two to separate and making communication between them impossible.

Models that succumb to this problem most often are the K 53 E, the N53 L and the X 58 L and are among the most popular when reported by users both domestically and commercially.

The problem with these drives can be put down to a number of errors, aforementioned being the inability of the resin to keep the PCB in place on the hard drive, but also a common problem are bad disk errors that occur when the drive simply cannot keep up with the amount of use it has been asked to undertake.

When this occurs these models are prone to making loud scraping noises that many attribute to the platters scratching against the head spindles and the traditional ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BOD) that many individuals subscribe to being caused by the operating system.

Regardless of your operating system (if it is a Windows based system) you will be confronted with the blue screen reporting a series of error messages all of them relating to the failure of the hard disk drive inside the laptop.

Ignoring these error messages and continually restarting the machine will lead to additional problems until such times as it is impossible for the machine to start at all. Common problems arise from the cold rebooting and the traditional Ctrl-Alt-Del method that simply restarts the operating system to the BIOS menu.

A degree of these laptops will allow you to reach the BIOS menu but will not allow you to continue any further as the BIOS will be unable to detect the attached hard drive as it registers it as being completely unusable.

It may be unusable in the conventional sense i.e.: you cannot start your operating system and boot to windows as you would normally but you should still be able to recover your data using the assistance of www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk if the drive still spins up.

It is worth noting that should your laptop fail to boot to the operating system and continually reports errors with the drive the chances of it righting itself are very slim if non existent so your best course of action is to shut the machine down and seek professional assistance rather than add to the problems by performing cold and warm boots over and over again.