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WD 1TB WD Elements Portable USB 3.0
It’s been about two months when I purchased this product. I used it about twice a week for a month when it started to show some problems. Whenever I would copy files to and from the drive, it would regularly disconnect itself. I would also get errors saying that the file is no longer located in the drive when I tried to copy from it. Upon opening My Computer, it would either not show up at all or show all the folders, but they would all be empty. I would then unplug it and then plug it back in again until it worked again. Finally though, when I plugged it in one day, the whole data was corrupted. I wasn’t able to save or access any files.

WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo 4TB
I configured the RAID1 mode to mirror the data so that when the drive fails I still have the mirrored drive to bank on. One day after I bought this drive, Drive A failed, and it showed the drive as degraded and the rebuild process began. The rebuild process got to 7% which took 24 hours and then hung. I restarted the computer and tried to restart the rebuild process but it did not work. I am now in a position that I cannot access the data on either hard drive.

Western Digital Disk Repair

Another popular mass manufacturer of hard disks and external storage devices is Western Digital who supply drives to many of the leading producers of computers.

You will find Western Digital drives in a wide range of desktop computers, laptop machines as well as network storage devices used to maintain and distribute high volumes of information across multiple user networks. They also provide drives for Macs as well as external storage and portable storage devices for tablets.

Again with all makes of hard drive Western Digital are not adverse to having their drives fail and there are some tell tales to look out for when it comes to faulty drives which may result in the loss of valuable data.

Popular errors with Western Digital drives are those which are indicated by the numbers 0007 and 0225 and these usually indicate a serious problem with the drive. These error codes are not confined to a particular drive model number and you should be mindful of them if they appear whilst running diagnostic tests.

Both the 0007 and 0225 errors codes relate to the hard drive reporting space that isn’t there. This can work one of two ways; it can either be the drive reporting having too much space (none of which can be accessed) or not enough space even though there is a lot left free.

In particular if you receive the error code 0225 then you should consider having the drive changed as soon as possible as this is the error code designated to the reporting of too many disc errors.

Also the Western Digital drive WD5000AAJS 500GB is known to report problems with the disk image on Windows 8 rendering the disk unusable even though it shows as being initialized and with space available.

These errors are such that even tech savvy users cannot access the drives and the information contained on them through conventional means. When the 0225 error occurs you will find that if you run any kind of diagnostics on it the test will say there is roughly 68,000 hours left checking the drive.

Again these are only a selection of the problems that can befall the Western Digital drives but there are many others.

As with all drives you should consider that too many errors reported signifies that the drive or drives are perhaps coming to the end of their lifecycle. If you have experienced or think you are experiencing any of the aforementioned problems then you should contact Brighton Data Recovery who will help you restore and reclaim your data before the drive becomes completely non-functioning.