WD Drive Recovery

Western Digital is probably one of the best known makes of hard drive available to the computer user today. With internal and external hard disk drives on offer these drives usually offer high volume storage at competitive prices. There are, however, occasions when an external Western Digital hard disk drive will develop a fault which is in no way related to how the user has handled it. Here we look at some of the most common issues relating to these external hard drives.

If you hear a clicking sound from any hard drive, internal or external, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance straight away. Generally this means that some problem has occurred with the internal components of the drive such as the platters or the actuator arm which mean that the drive is unable to access or read information stored on it. Western Digital refers to this problem as ‘197’ and generally it means that the drive has simply failed for one of the reasons we have mentioned above. To this end unless the drive is under warranty there is not much you can do and even if it is under warranty you are still faced with the problem of losing your data should you return the drive to whence you purchased it. At Brighton Data Recovery we can help you recover your data from a Western Digital drive exhibiting these audible signs before the drive degrades any further.

Another common problem we are faced with here at Brighton Data Recovery is that of Western Digital external drives failing to power up. This often occurs when an external drive has been used on a Windows-based computer and then the user tries to use it on a Mac system. There is no definitive reason as to why this happens but it does and shows the drive as being unrecognisable because of issues with the file format. And while many users try to return the drive to the computer they originally used it with they find that the problem has transpired there also; thus rendering the contents of the drive unreadable.

When this problem occurs usually it is an issue between the operating system and the external hard drive itself; quite possibly relating to conflicts between operating system and firmware. With this in mind one should consider immediately powering down the external drive and contacting us here at Brighton Data Recovery where our engineers are on hand to provide valuable advice and assistance.
We heartily advise against reformatting the drive as this will reduce the chances of recovering the data and adding additional partitions may only seek to worsen the problem.

For more information on any of the above issues or any other hard drive related concerns you have, call us today on 01273 957710 and a member of our engineering team will be able to help you as well as providing you with an obligation free quotation for the recovery of your data from an external hard drive.