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Maxtor Shared Storage II 320 GB HDD
I am currently using a Maxtor Shared Storage II that is connected to a Buffalo Airstation wireless router and a Mac Mini. It was working fine for a long until last week when this unusual thing occurred. The hard drive has two lights on it, the power light and the network light. When it is connected and shared to the network the light shown is green. Since last week, the light has been a blinking orange for the power light while it remains green for the network light. I noticed that the power light blinked orange four times. I cannot configure it through the network and I was not successful in getting it recognized on my Mac Mini. As a result of the above I cannot use the Maxtor disk or access by personal files.

Maxtor BlackArmor 160 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive
I need help with my Maxtor BlackArmor 160 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive. This morning it is no longer recognised by my laptop. I tried various solutions recommended by Maxtor Tech Support but none of them worked. When I plug the external hard drive, I don’t see the letter usually assigned to it. I have important files in it that I badly need. Here are a few things I have tried and didn’t work. I checked Disk Management and it showed Disk 0 (which is my laptop’s hard drive) and Disk 1 (which is the Maxtor BlackArmor that I own). However, Disk 1 is unallocated. I also tried running system diagnostics to see if there are possible errors but there are none. I also changed the settings on Control panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrator Tools -> Services -> Universal Plug and Play from manual switch to automatic. I also downloaded a file recovery application in case I need to reformat the hard drive. I can see the BlackArmor under physical drive but I cannot access it. I want to recover all my information as much as possible.

Maxtor Disk Repair

For quite some time Maxtor had been purveyors of internal hard drives but in the last few years they have more towards the external storage market including portable drives and networked storage.

As any user will tell you even the most hardily manufactured hard drives are prone to errors and sadly the Maxtor Disk drives are no exception but now more so with external drives than the internal drives.

Again if you have a problem with an internal Maxtor Disk Drive www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk can help if you cannot access your information. We will help you recover the information from your internal drive.

When it comes to the Maxtor external drives there are certain things you should look out for when it comes to errors.

One of the most common problems is that the computer to which the external drive is attached suddenly decides no longer to recognize the drive. This can sometimes be caused by a clash between the operating system and the BIOS but for the most part there is a problem with the external drive itself.

You should check for the traditional problems such as a loose power connector or looser USB port but for the most part the problem seems to stem from the external drives.

One of the most popular reasons for the computer not recognizing the external drive is a problem with the drive spinning up. This is caused by a loose spindle that is grinding against the platters of the hard drive contained within the external storage unit. If you should hear any heavy grating sounds you best course of action initially is to disconnect the drive from the power and seek professional help.

Continual use of the drive while the spindle is grinding against the platters can only result in a complete failure for the drive to spin that will make the reclamation of information harder should you need to call upon the services of www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk. This is not to say it cannot be done but it can prove trickier than before.

One particular external drive manufactured by Maxtor, the Maxtor One Touch, is prone to failing to spin up. This can be mistaken for a problem with the USB cord attaching the storage device to the computer but a glance at the lights on the front of the device will give you the answer you are looking for. Only one of the three lights will light up – this equates to the power light – which signifies that the power is going into the drive but nothing else is happening.

In this instance you should consider contacting www.brighton-datarecovery.co.uk in order to help you recover your data before it is lost on a permanent basis.